Fontanel Records The Originals

Most aspiring musicians & artists make their way to Music City with high hopes & aspirations and one day, the possibilty of signing a record deal…


My husband, Marc Oswald had his own dream & vision, with his partner Dale Morris ….  It is called FONTANEL… We don’t have employees here at our “field of dreams,” we have one big FAMILY, that continues to pour their hearts & souls into this magical place & give it the sparkle & shine that everyone has grown to love… We are SO proud of our very talented, driven, creative family and have decided that one way to show OUR appreciation would be to give EVERYONE an equal opportunity & outlet to do what they ultimately came to this town to do… be heard…be a part of something special & to have an “official” record deal on FONTANEL RECORDS!


The money from the album that you have purchased, is equally divided between our label artists that work on property. We hope that you enjoy THE ORIGINALS… and its uniqueness & diversity, because here at FONTANEL we follow the music & dare to be different! – Krista Marie (Oswald)